Warrick Nominated to Return to South Jacksonville Village Board

By Benjamin Cox on February 1, 2022 at 3:26pm

A former Village of South Jacksonville trustee may be returning to the board.

In an agenda released today, Village President Dick Samples appears to be appointing Todd Warrick to the open trustee position in South Jacksonville left by the resignation of Megan Davidson.

Davidson resigned from the board at the December 28th business meeting during a special session in which Samples was appointed Village President.

Warrick was originally elected to the position for a 4-year term in 2019. Warrick resigned from the Village Board on May 28th last year after Warrick had conflicts with former Village President Tyson Manker. In a resignation 6-page letter presented to the board in June of last year, Warrick accused Manker of intimidation, verbal abuse, and for removing him from committee assignments without input from the board. Manker would go on to appoint current trustee John Stewart to fill Warrick’s position.

Warrick later went on to file an ethics complaint against Manker in August of last year. According to the Journal Courier, the complaint alleged Manker had been involved in improper contractual violations, Freedom of Information Act and Local Records Act violations, First Amendment violations and sexual and verbal harassment. Manker would eventually resign as Village President on August 26th of last year.

Warrick’s appointment to return to the board will have to be voted on by the village board at their regular scheduled monthly meeting on Thursday.