Yohn Cites Ineffective Counsel, Attempting to Proceed Pro Se in Adams County Sexual Assault, Carjacking Case

By Benjamin Cox on May 4, 2022 at 1:18pm

A Springfield man accused of car jacking, sexual assault, and home invasion in Adams County says his public defender is ineffective and he wishes to represent himself in court.

35 year old Bradley Yohn of Springfield was in court yesterday and told Adams County Judge Amy Lannerd that Public Defender John Citro needs to be dismissed from his case.

Yohn’s case was on the May jury trial docket. It was removed last Friday, however, after Citro asked for an expert to review DNA evidence. Yohn filed a motion yesterday for withdrawal of counsel in Adams County Circuit Court saying Citro has not discussed his case with him at the Adams County Jail and has not presented evidence discovery to him. Judge Lannerd called a hearing on the case late yesterday afternoon.

Yohn also wrote he believes he can be more effective in defending his own innocence. He wants his trial to proceed and to represent himself Pro Se.

According to Muddy River News, Judge Lannerd closed the hearing by keeping Citro as Yohn’s counsel for the time being and set a hearing on a motion for ineffective counsel on May 11th. Yohn remains held at the Adams County Jail.