CS8 All Conference

JHS placed 13 wrestlers on the CS-8 all conference squads.

There were nine players on the boys’ squad, and four on the girls’ team.

The Crimson boys are Deshawn Armstrong, Ian Willner, Joe Reif, Colin Reif, James Cotton, Keaton Wilhelm, Luca Thies, Mason Meyer and Oliver Cooley. JHS finished 2nd in the conference behind Glenwood.

On the girls’ side, Alexis Seymour, Karley Moore, Vada Gregory and Haily DeWitt were named all conference.

The JHS boys’ basketball team had no player named all conference. But sophomore Amaree Burries was named special mention. The JHS girls’ basketball team placed Tate Morrisey on the all conference squad.

One swimmer made all conference from JHS….Colin Wilson.

J’Ettes Number 1

The Jacksonville J’ettes captured a state title over the weekend.

The J’ettes won the Class 1A state competitive dance title at Bloomington on Saturday. The dance competition is divided into 3 classes.

It’s believed to be the second ever state team title for JHS. The Crimsons volleyball team won a state title in 1988.

IBCA Hall of Fame Inductees include two from Franklin

This area is well represented in the latest Hall of Fame Class of the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association.

The Winchester Invitational Tournament will be recognized for 100 years as an organization of the year by the IBCA.

Two players from the area will be inducted. They are Ike Dodd of Waverly, and Tim Fischer of Pittsfield.

Three officials are going in. They are Bob Engel and Doug Strohm of Springfield, and Allen Poggenpohl of Raymond.

Two people of note from nearby will be inducted as friends of basketball. Darin Seymour and George Haycraft will be recognized for all their work over the years at Franklin.

And, the Winchester girls basketball team, the 2011 Class 1A champions will be honored by the Hall of Fame.

The induction ceremony will be held after the first of next year.

Two From Jacksonville on All State FB teams

A Jacksonville High School senior has been named to a 5A all state football team.

Senior quarterback Elijah Owens has been named to the Illinois High School football coaches association all state team.

Owens is headed to Indiana State next year.

He was the only player in the Central State Eight to make the 5A all state team.

Routt has one player on the IHSFCA first team all state FB team.

Running back Will Jackson has been included on the Class 1A team.

North Mac has placed Cooper Starks as an offensive lineman on the 2A all state team

Two From New Berlin Make First Team All Sangamo in baseball

Two players from New Berlin/South County have been named to the 2022 Sangamo All conference baseball team.

Lucas Bixby and Rockman Prince were placed on the first team.

Jacob Roberts and Gannon Dodd of New Berlin/South County received honorable mention.

Jake Shannon and Dane Degroot of Porta/AC were named to the 2nd team, and teammate Aaron Suiter was named honorable mention.

NG Looking for new Head Basketball Coach

North Greene High School is looking to fill another coaching vacancy.

Justin Vinyard has told the administration that he will step down from the boys’ head basketball coaching position to pursue other endeavors.

Vinyard has been head coach at North Greene for the past three season, and struggled this year with a depleted roster.

His overall record is 18 and 58.

Athletic director Brett Berry says the school has been appreciative of his work and effort, and wish him well.

North Greene has begun taking applications from qualified candidates to fill the vacancy.

North Greene had just filled its head football coaching position with North Greene graduate Brian VanMeter last month. VanMeter had been on the staff of outgoing head coach Donnie Allen.

Hayes Cries Foul in DCFS Move Downtown

A downtown building owner is crying foul in an apparent move by a state office out of a north side building.

            There are moving vans stationed outside of the DCFS building, which housed the Sears store years ago.

            The building is owned by Mike Hayes. He says the building is safe, in good shape, and complaints about a leaky roof were addressed over the weekend.

            He says he walked the building and the roof over the weekend to make sure it was safe, and the leaks were repaired. Hayes says he has reached out to state officials, but has had no response as of noon today.

            Hayes says the department of children and family services has been a tenant in the building for over 15 years.  He says he was contacted when roof leaks popped up after the big snow.

            Hayes says he has told central management service officials that a new roof will be done. Hayes says efforts to put on a new roof are in the plans for this spring, once supplies resume and the weather breaks.

            He says he and others on his staff have been monitoring the building on a daily basis.

             Hayes says he was e-mailed papers yesterday from a Chicago attorney saying the office would move out unless the leaks and repairs were done by February 25th. That’s this Friday.

            He has tried to reach her, but she has not returned his phone calls.

            Hayes says the state is breaking its lease with no notice. And, he is still owed money on the lease. The last payment made was in December, and it was for July.

            Hayes says the building is very structurally sound. He thinks the state wants to close the local office, and is looking for an excuse. He also thinks the decision was made long before now.

            Hayes says Mayor Andy Ezard is looking into the situation.

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December Was Warm

Temperatures were up dramatically, and precipitation was down 3-quarters of an inch in December.

         The average temperature last month was 40-point-1 degrees. That’s just below the record December for warmth, set in 1965. The mercury averaged 40-point-4 degrees then.

            There were 17 days of 50 or higher readings, topping out at 71 on the 16th.  That was a record high on the 16th, shattering the old mark of 62.

            At the other end of the spectrum, there were no days of single digit lows, and just two nights when the temps fell below 20.

            A typical day last month saw a high of 50, and a low of just under 30 degrees.

            Snowfall was nonexistent. In fact, it was the second straight December of no snow.

            And, total precipitation was at just under an inch and 3 quarters. Normal snow for December is between 3 and 4 inches. And, normal precipitation for December is 2 and a half inches.

WLDS-WEAI is an official reporting station for the National Weather Service.

Jax School Superintendent Warns of Social Agenda Tied to State Funding

Jacksonville school superintendent Steve Ptacek is crossing his fingers, hoping the state does not tie some types of state financial aid to what he believes are mandates.

            This could include a sex education bill, and training to prevent racism and treat trauma.

            Ptacek says tying the aid to regulations and awarding school districts for falling in step, in effect creates a mandate.

            He says the thought that school districts would be awarded for following a designed social agenda definitely would make this a mandate

            Ptacek is very leery of what some might see as a social agenda.

            Ptacek says it’s important to get out in front of this direction, and caution local lawmakers about the impact it would have on local education.